Artwork Guidelines

The artwork you submit represents our compay as well as yours.  Here are some artwork guidelines to consider when you have your art team create your logos. The two major vector artwork graphic programs are Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator.

If your file ends with jpeg, bmp, gif, png, or psd this is not a vector file.  All artwork must be created in Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw or a Vector Graphic Program.  If you place an order with a photographic file we will cancel your online order and issue a refund.  We can’t create transfers from photographic artwork.  We do not resize your artwork.  If your customer requests a logo that is 8×10 please have your graphic artist save the graphic as 8×10.  We will never resize your artwork without your instruction to do so. All artwork must be solid spot colors. We do not print images with halftones or blends. Due to the screen mesh sizes we have in house and the thickness of our plastisol ink we can’t print halftones or blends.


Try to use bold fonts whenever possible.  Transfer ink will spread a bit when pressed.  If you use small fonts the letters will no longer be legible when pressed.  If you are using a block style font we suggest using a size 12pt or larger.  If you are using a serif or office font we suggest using a size 20pt or larger.  All open areas and lines should be the same as a 2pt line.


Thin lines do not wash out well with the screen mesh sizes we use.  Below is a guideline for thickness.  We will not guarantee any prints that have tiny lines.  We do our best, but if you use a line under 2pt we will not guarantee your prints.  When using a underbase please make sure all of your lines are at least 3 pts.

Fonts also have to converted to line artwork.  If you are using a font we do not have it will not display properly when we open your file. To convert fonts in CorelDraw please select all fonts.  Go to “Arrange” and click “Convert to Curves” To convert fonts in Adobe please select all fonts.  go to “Type” and click “Create to Outlines” The above steps will turn your ttf font into a line graphic that we can open without any font errors.


When using white in your design make sure to use a back ground color.  Our screen printers need to be able to see where white is going to print on your transfers.

We prefer that all colors are in Pantone Spot colors.  We can convert RGB & CMYK colors in house.  However if you have more than 35 RGB or CMYK colors within your file this will require an additional artwork fee to convert to Pantone Spot colors. We do have highly qualified graphic artists on staff.  Artwork can be created for you at a rate of $30.00 per hour.  Go to our homepage and click the Request Artwork Quote to get started.  Once we receive your payment for artwork services we will email you back artwork within two business days.